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Catastrophic Failure  (Topics: 22 - Posts: 136)
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New Pandaite
Posted by Monika Nov 8, 2006, 19:36
Hi, can I invite a friend from Smaland, an rpg plater and author? aprreciates the occasional board game as well. A really REALLY great guy.

Posted by Cowboy Nov 8, 2006, 20:40
You (and everyone here) are welcome to invite anyone you like.

As far as I'm concerned, this forum belongs to everyone here - I just happen to be hosting it. I set it up very hurriedly in the middle of the night after Josh had declared that he'd be shutting down Monkey Ambrosia and I thought I'd try to preserve as much of it as I could since I already had the domain and the server.

That's also the reason I'm using this particular forum software: It was late, I was under time constraints and it was what I could get to function. I tried phpBB first but couldn't get it to work due to (what I later found out) was an error in unzipping the files caused by my using Stuffit Expander. (Stuffit Expander's still a fabulously better program than WinZip - just not for unzipping forum software where not a single 1 can be changed to a 1 or vice versa).

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