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Style Guide.
Posted by Cowboy Dec 3, 2006, 22:10
Write your articles so as to resemble short encyclopedia entries. Remember your citations. Your "A" article must cite two phantom entries from later in the alphabet. Each subsequent article must cite one previous article and two phantom articles until such time as we get to X. Never cite articles that you wrote yourself - it's bad form.

If a letter ends up having more phantom entries than the number of scholars, I'll assign the surplus to scholars at random.

Place the title of the article at the top of your post between Heading 1 tags like so:

Title of Article

The first time the title of one of the articles you wish to cite appears in your article, highlight it. Also, for ease of reference, repeat those titles under the article like so:

Citation 1
Citation 2
Citation 3

I'll go and write an article on the subject of Aglalism that you can look at if you need an example.

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