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C - being the third letter of the alphabet
Posted by Cowboy Jan 4, 2007, 18:43


The Ceh'o were subhuman savages who, possibly through consorting with the terrible Dye-Fnahu demons, learned the immensely useful technique of Agorascopia. They were wiped from the face of the world by our own glorious culture in the second year of century of the century of the Bledobe which was how we gained the knowledge of Agorascopia.

The Ceh'o civilization, if indeed it could be called a civilization, existed on St Plodz Island about 500 nautical miles SSW of Bluro-Fenandzio. Here they worshipped heretical gods that we today believe to actually have been Dye-Fnaho demons masquerading as deities. Their ceremonies are believed to have been frighteningly heretical rituals with men and women worshipping together and singing deominic songs and possibly even dancing in circles. In true mockery of wholesomeness and goodness, they didn't even offer up sacrifices of animals nor humans to these so-called "gods" preferring instead to give any surplus food or riches to their weakest and poorest. When our brave forces invaded the island, they were met with practically no resistance from the decadent heathens as they had practically no weapons or armor technology.

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