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Den of inanity
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Nice foodblog!
Posted by Igelkotten Sep 22, 2007, 18:30
Recently, I have stumbled upon a nice little Swedish foodblog. Titled "Kärlek, mat och folköl", "Love, food and low-alchoholic beer", it is the brainchild of "Gitto", who describes herself as a "Quarter-alchoholic psychology student with an abnormal interest in cooking, and delusions of food writing".

The blog is quite funny and charming in it's tone, with Gitto displaying lots of quirky humour -such as recapitulating the dream when she was lauded as the saviour of mankind after inventing confited duck thighs with morphine-and-Rice Krispies- crispy wafers.

There is also lots of interesting and inspiring musings on food, cooking, working in a semi-crappy restaurant and her adventures with her likewise slightly eccentric boyfriend, all in a nicely unpretentious and down-to-earth presentation. Recommended reading!

Unfortunately, the blog is only in Swedish, but you can always look at the pictures or something... Besides, swedish is a sort of lowest common denominator for most of us here on the Pandapen, isn't it? [;)]

Posted by gitto Sep 24, 2007, 15:28
Oh! I'm very flattered of the mention of my blog - I even felt compelled to register on this forum just to comment on this thread! Thank you very much Igelkotten!

By the way, what sort of forum is this anyway? It seems really nice and I've already spent to much of my oh-so-valuble time with reading the threads. :)

Posted by Igelkotten Sep 24, 2007, 17:49
Jeepers! A genuine celebrity visit! [ooh] [ooh] [ooh] [grin]

Welcome to the Pandapen!

As you already have discovered, this is a very nice little forum, of a rather undefinable sort. A lot of us originally met at another forum, which unfortunately went through a series of conflict, lost most of it's charm and nice posters and turned into a rather dreary place. Our fearless leader, Cowboy, then set up this place for a few of us refugees, and here we have been ever since.

I'd say that there is really no "lowest common denominator" here on the Pandapen. Pandapenners are spread across quite a few countries - from Brazil to Sweden, and comes from lots of different backgrounds: Mailmen and molecular biologists, train drivers and organisational anthropologists, and what not. Most of us are interested in culture, oddball stuff, role-playing games, literature, cooking and tons of other stuff. I suppose what unites us all is that we like having this little place to fluff around in. Overall, the forum has a rather laid-back pace and manner, with activity going through peaks and lows from time to time. Right now, it seems that a few of us have been afflicted with the terrible disease of facebookitis [;)]

I hope you, too, enjoy it here!

Posted by Carduus Sep 24, 2007, 19:38
Hi and welcome Gitto!

It is a really nice blog you've got [:)]. I have only had the time to browse a little bit but I will be back reading more.

As Igelkotten said we are a bit of a odd gathering (in a good way). [;)] Some of us have met in IRL we and some of us see each other daily (like Igelkotten and I since we live together).

I hope you will stay around, this is a nice and friendly place, at times it works like some sort of collective blog as the threads can be rather personal, at other times we just amuses ourself with silly games and commenting odd news and stuff.


Posted by Sunjumper Sep 24, 2007, 23:04
Hello there Gitto and welcome to the Pen.

As the others have already said we are a diverse bunch with a rather broad spectrum of interests all of which are covered in this forum. So it is actually about everything we feel like talking about. This can go from general rants, to debates to personal stories.

The lowest common denominator I would say is that everybody here is very laid back and friendly. Everyone is nice, there are no flamewars and nothing here is taken personally. Although the tastes of the people hanging around here can vary quite significantly there is no aggressive behaviour towards to the ones in here afflicted with horrible taste, just good natured mockery.
Despite the different walks of life and the variety of nationalities found in here everyone in here has not only got a brain but actually read the instruction manual for it and uses it in a responsible manner. So intelligence and a certain cultural standard could also be cited as lowest common denominator.

You have found a very nice place that tends to move at a rather sedate place but which is worth to stick with nonetheless.

Posted by Solomon Sep 26, 2007, 03:04
Hear hear! We're so laid-back, we tollerate even people who like, say, Dragonforce. [;)] The Hedgehog and SJ even actively tried starting a flamewar here once, but failed.

Welcome, Gitto, and keep up the good work on the blog!

Posted by Igelkotten Jun 2, 2008, 12:43
We must have scared Gitto away... [;)]

Nah, seriously speaking, she has since become a sort of pro-amateur food writer and is probably busy trying to get her career underway. Her writings can now be found on the site, by the way.

Anyhow, I wanted to recommend another great foodblog: FX cuisine!

This is the brainchild of Francois Xavier, a Swiss gentleman of many talents and a devotion to good food. Since he apparently works in the heady world of international finance, he also has the means to buy and try lots of very nifty cooking equipment (including a genuine Tandoori oven in his kitchen!) -and most of the times actually surviving to tell us his tales [:)]

Add to that a genuine talent for photography, a well-developed sense of esthetics and a really great, wry and somewhat dry sense of humour, and you get a lovely foodblog! Take a look at his "Anti-cholestorol vegetarian starter" -avocados filled with bearnaise sauce, a poached egg, and then topped off with more bearnaise sauce! Or his theme series about the "scottish diet" -how to deep-fry almost anything! Or, on a more serious note, his articles about genuine scicilian cooking, or learning how to make Soba noodles in Japan.

Take a look!

Posted by Igelkotten Jun 3, 2008, 15:26
Oh, one more thing: Don't miss FX's tale about how he came to buy the private stock of brandy of former president and dictator Mobutu Sese Seko -and the dictator's own leather sofa, too! [ooh]

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