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Smells that make your mouth water
Posted by Igelkotten Jul 2, 2008, 19:04
Earlier today, I was cooking dinner. I had some chopped anchovies, garlic and finely diced pork slowly frying in a pan, and added two bayleaves to the whole mess. The fragrance the bayleaves made when they started to fry in the rendered pork fat was absolutely lovely -somewhat smokey, but still very green and herbal, with a nice little zing to it.

I then added a few lemon slices in order to caramelize them somewhat. This changed the fragrance immideately, to something that smelled much more warm and sunny, not at all spicy, but still absolutely delicious.

When Carduus came home, she found me sniffing over the frying pan with a rather far out expression on my face... Still, dinner tasted good! [:)]

So, dear pandapenners, what smells and fragrances can make you go absolutely nuts in the kitchen? [ooh]

Posted by Sunjumper Jul 3, 2008, 12:28
I would have answered earlier but reading your description banished me to the kitchen as it made me so very hungry.

Back to the topic, smells that make my mouth water.
Off the bat I can only think of the classics:
Frying onions are several shades of awsome and might produce the most delicious smells.

Frying garlic smells nice too.

Fried bacon is also an instant mouth-waterer.

The smell of a beef that is taking colour.

The smell of carrots that are starting to caramelize in the pan.

Posted by Ageis Jul 3, 2008, 21:56
Mature cheddar cheese.
I would eat it by the pound if I could get away with out.
One day it will doubtless lead to my tragic and untimely death through a massive heart attack.
But it does make my mouth tingle so.

Posted by Sunjumper Jul 6, 2008, 12:29
Got some new ones:

Melting parmegian cheese (on top of pasta).

The smell of spiced coffee, a mixture of many wonderful smells like cardamom, cinamon, clover and of course coffee!

Posted by Egil Jul 7, 2008, 14:20
Anything being fried in olive oil, but especially onions.

Runny cheeses.

Tomato sauce.

Melted chocolate.

Fresh bread.

Posted by Sunjumper Jul 7, 2008, 19:35
Because I usally sleep in had completely forgotten about the smell of freshly backed bread.

An insanely delicious smell indeed!

Posted by Cowboy Jul 9, 2008, 20:10
Bacon. Vanilla.

Separately, that is. Bacon and vanilla are two great tastes that neither taste nor smell great together.

Posted by Carduus Jul 9, 2008, 21:15
Of cause you have tried that, for SCIENCE! [:-p]

Igelkotten bought stinky cheese in Malmö to day, I picked him up from work and my mouth started watering in the car...

What he bought was a heavenly unpasteurised Epoisses, golden on the outside, creamy white in side and a little runny in the centre and a lovely Basque hard goat cheese, milder in comparison with the Epoisses but with that kick only goat cheeses has. He also bought some very nice olive bread and spelt bread.

My stomach is now filled with happiness! [grin]

Posted by Solomon Jul 13, 2008, 02:23
Fresh bread.
Freshly ground coffe.
Parmigiano cheese.
Barbecued meat.

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