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Evil marketing genius
Posted by Egil May 12, 2009, 18:18
So. I was buying cheese at the supermarket yesterday, and found something amusing. See, the cheapest cheese you can buy in Assland is ricotta. It is usually about 20-30% cheaper than minas cheese, and that's because ricotta isn't even technically cheese, but curdled milk whey, a byproduct when you make hard cheese, while minas is an actual fresh cheese.

So. Ricotta. You sell it because that's cheaper than throwing it away, but not much money to be made out of it, right?

Fear not, and thank you for smoking: people's worries about their diet come to the rescue! You can label ricotta "light (yes, in English) minas cheese," and instead of it costing 20-30% less than minas it will cost about 50% more than average minas - about what you can expect to pay for a better-quality small farm minas.

(I bought a very decent brie-lookalike, a slab of chanclich and, yes, ricotta, and walked away smiling in humble appreciation of the genius of marketing people.)

Posted by Sunjumper May 12, 2009, 19:11

But then when people fall for shit like that and at least it is a 'light' cheese that is actually on the healthy side.
mmmmh... riccota.

Posted by Egil May 12, 2009, 20:48
I think that's legally required in Brazil - if not by federal law, by similar state laws everywhere. Food labeled light has to be in some way healthier (as opposed to diet food, which just has to have less sacarose).

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