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I have subscribed to Revista Ferroviária
Posted by Egil Sep 17, 2009, 17:29
.and I vaguely blame it on Igelkotten.

Also, they have a nice photo up today

Posted by Igelkotten Sep 21, 2009, 10:44
It's always nice to shift the blame for your demented pleasures on someone else, isn't it? [:-p]

Up until about a year and a half ago, Banverket, the Swedish rail infrastructure authority, published a magazine called "Rallaren" -"The Navvy", which had very good coverage of the situation on the Swedish railway. Unfortunately, they have now changed the magazine to a purely internal staff magazine.

Green Cargo, whom I work for, publish a good-looking staff magazine. Unfortunately, the people writing for it are hardly the best of journalists, never mind writers, so the articles are generally blah. They do have some fun thigns though, such as the summer special of collecting weird photos from all over the country and publishing them on the intranet. Last summer, we had a reindeer skull that someone affixed to the front of a loco and sent on it's merry way across Sweden. People then started taking photgraphs of it, and pass it along on other locos roaming all around the country. This summer, the theme was bizarre stuff you have found/run over on the track, such as rowing boats, portakabins, hot-air baloons and camels.

One newsletter I try to read when I get the chance is "Påhugget", a play on words that means either "The odd job" or "On the case". It is a one-man operation, a small newsletter published every thursday. It is also probably the most well-informed source on all the happenings in the Swedish and scandinavian logistics and transportation scene, and the writer/jhournalist/editor of the newsletter does not shy away from all the dirt in the business either. A very good antidote for all those glossymagazines with big pictures of middle-aged men in charcoal suits and squeaky clean hardhats and hi-vis vests standing in front of a reach stacker or other suitably large piece of equipment. Unfortunately, subscriptions to "Påhugget" are not cheap, but we do get access to it via the news cutting service on the company intranet.

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