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Den of inanity
Inane Blathering  (Topics: 596 - Posts: 4,017)
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Happy New Year!
Posted by Monika Dec 31, 2009, 16:12
Happy New Year!
Happy New Decade!
Happy Happy Happy!
[paw] [paw] [paw]

So, where are you people and how are you greeting the new year?

We will be playing some rpg first and the off to the streets of Warsaw to celebrate with the local crowds

Posted by Carduus Dec 31, 2009, 19:14
We are spending the evening at home.

Igelkotten is in the kitchen and I'm joining in a minute!

Happy New Year!

Posted by Igelkotten Dec 31, 2009, 22:40
We have now eaten dinner and are waiting for midnight. I am a bit tired, since I worked earlier today, but I'll try to stay awake for at least the rest of this decade [;)]

Happy new year, everybody! [:)]

Posted by Sunjumper Jan 1, 2010, 15:32
Me and my usual crowd of friends are in Würzburg in the south of Germany for new years.

It is mostly the same procedure as every year.
Hanging out with friends, driking, eating, being silly and lowering the standard level of good taste and civilisation with each passing hour and then going out to watch the fire works.
This is the last year were I follow my party pooper friends example and don't do my own fireworks though.

The nice thing about Würzbug is that in contrast to Münster it is not freezing like every year.
From some bizarre reasons Münster is always warm during christmas. So now snow. Just rain and maybe some hatefull sludge from left over snow.
And to new years eve the temperatures always drop sharply below the freezing point usually followed by icy winds from the arctic. Which of course is garnd on the one night in winter where every one goes out for the fire works.

Würzburg on the other hand has been balmy warm (relatively speaking) with its 5°C.

Posted by Monika Jan 2, 2010, 08:54
It's freezing here!

To be honest, I don;t quite understand all those celebrations in the middle of winter term. New year starts on October 1st

Posted by Carduus Jan 2, 2010, 11:51
Why October 1th?

November 3 I can understand... [:-p] [grin]

Posted by Monika Jan 2, 2010, 17:43
start of the academic year in Poland is on 1 October [grin]

Posted by Egil Jan 6, 2010, 16:20
Happy new year!

Mine so far has been right crappy, but there's still 359 days to go, I guess.

Posted by Igelkotten Jan 18, 2010, 21:09
Quoted from: Monika

start of the academic year in Poland is on 1 October [grin]

Ah, yes, the Holy Calendar of the Orthodox and Un-Abashedly Un-reformed Church of Academia does have a few interesting little quirks not normally known to the vulgate... [;)]

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